Wendy Lee Hermance grew up in a house with nothing to read but cereal boxes. Her writing has been described by readers as,”laugh out loud,” “dreamlike,” “inspiring,” “like a friend,” and “unforgettable.”


She was heard across the US on National Public Radio (NPR) stations with her feature series, “Missouri Folklore,” later attending the University of Missouri Journalism classes, and earning a journalism degree from Stephens College. For several years she worked as  editor and features writer for university and regional publications before settling into a long career writing mostly legal real estate contracts. On the side, she restored old houses especially in and around historic Charleston, South Carolina.


In 2012 she completed  a masters degree at the University of Sydney writing a long slog of a research thesis, and several papers in a short time under intense pressures. This was a Eureka Moment! Remembering that she liked to write, learning that she could travel to other places, connect with interesting people, survive it, and thrive, she decided to do exactly that. 


Wendy has restored quite a few old houses in the US and Europe. She enjoys experimenting cooking Asian, Mexican, and vegetarian meals, making wines,  furniture polishes, and kim chee, puttering in her gardens. 


She is working on a new collection of humorous stories about valuing each others’ differences, building community, and local autonomy.


Thank you for coming to visit! 

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