Destined to become a classic of travel writing Wendy Lee Hermance´s new book, “Weird Foods of Portugal: Adventures of an Expat” charms with  colorful characters and a series of unfortunate  mishaps after the author arrives in a “weird” new country, and begins to sort out just what she has gotten herself into. 

“If you are an expat, you will relate.” Lance, Summerville, South Carolina

With her typically American intrepidness, her thirst for a good story and her power of observation, Hermance closes-in on the Portuguese she encounters along the way, bringing to us a psychological picture of the Portuguese individual and society that you won´t find on expat guides. Lastly, her unusual grasp for ´Portuguese quaintness´ also makes this book worth buying.”  David Peres Rebelo, Aveiro, Portugal

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