Grounded in a kinder, gentler America Wendy tells stories of people and places with dignity, autonomy, and belonging. A member of the Poetry Society of South Carolina, Monday Night Blues and Poetry, Capella Inconum Group, she was featured at the Casa de Boavista, “Tribute to Fernando Pessoa.” Her poems have appeared in DiVersos, The Avocet, The Voice of Esmoriz, and Prometheus Dreaming. In 2019 Wendy published, “Where I’m Going With This Poem,” a collection of writing with a theme of travelling far and travelling light. Her most recent book is narrative non-fiction, “Weird Foods of Portugal: Adventures of an Expat.”

* Coordination, Collaboration, or Annihilation? Australian Volunteers Adapting to the Work Health Safety model Act 2009 – You were maybe curious?

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